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In the UK, we've already seen the Stalinist "left" join forces with the far-right, in the form of the Spiked crew. But that's no surprise.

Nearly fifty years ago, I saw through the dismal manipulative techniques of the "broad left" while I was at uni, and found myself isolated & viewed as politically incorrect; I had been active and then burned out in anti-apartheid after finding that I could do nothing to help the people at Pine Ridge (and here's an article featuring a photo that changed my life: https://ictnews.org/news/women-of-wounded-knee-why-creator-gave-me-my-life - Regina Brave was also the last person arrested at Standing Rock in 2017!).

It's good to hear that we are making some progress away from the tedious, mechanistic "left" mindset that is as much to blame for the state of the world today as are the neoliberals. Let's hope it continues.

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