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Well done.

New community space much needed. What with the travesty that is the controlled demolition of twitter as a town hall for free speech & democracy.

Just a thought

Have you considered running your own mastadon server?

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Dear Cathy, thank you for your response that still leaves me puzzled over the original premise laid out in the article. "All of that," as you phase it - the avalanche of adversity this country has and is experiencing, not in isolation I would add, that has no equal until you return to the beginnings of the Second World War.

How is it possible to extract the unequivocal thread of Brexit from the succession of catastrophic emergency policies and political gamesmanship that have brought us here?

I do feel used & conned, you are right about this and at my age I should know better, as the promise of Brexit was to make the UK independent, but this is a lie - we are a vessel state and work in parallel to the union of vessel states that is the EU. This stark reality must be apparent to all of us in the UK by now, as our livelihoods and our futures are being destroyed by a slow moving war of attrition that heralds the emergence of the new, multipolar world that will have little regard for the fate of its past masters.

We are being made poorer against our will - but I feel that Brexit is now an irrelevant issue, buried in the struggle for political relevance and direction that a collapsing fiat economy is causing.

Now is the time for a new political movement in the UK and a constitution for the people of this country that would serve to protect the future generations from the ambitions of a ruling class banking system - the EU incarnate.

In the end, this is just my point of view. I hope you found it interesting.

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With respect to the short article on the result of a poll conducted by, Omnisis, to the backdrop of G7 banking dysfunction, colossal political inflation of the money supply as a result of Covid policy, and, the groupthink political class NATO debacle that is dismantling the European industrial base, I shudder at the closing remark - "As a result we are all being made poorer against our will."

Let at least the contributors name be put to this editorial blooper.

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Hi the Jason Stanley interview is showing as unsupported on this (android) version of app. How can I access? I really wanted to hear it. It actually motivated me to subscribe.

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