In many ways England is similar in its aversion to non-English particularly under the Tories.

We left te EU (by a tiny margin). Nothing was done about the LIES told by Boris and others.

WE have an ageing population, and a considerable shortage of labour but we turn away young people who are very tough, hard working desperate to work, possibly skilled, resourceful and let them drown rather than give them a chance to make their case.

Insular derives from Island, I believe the Japanese are similar if not more than the English. The Tories are bring in Voting laws (Trying to make it harder for the poor to vote) Not only are racist policies Un Christian, immoral but counter productive as well.

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Unfortunately this is all tied in with the gun lobby, anti abortion and white nationalist Christians.

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DeSantis Another Trumpesk character!

I think Bylines should do a piece on how Boris Johnson was able to rip up a report that the UK was a racist country and the narrative that’s swirling around about the boat people and other minorities and how people who seemed to be protected like Nigel Farage who loves spreading disinformation to get people all riled up!

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So many slippery massacres during this time. Thank you David Pepper for this knowledge base. Came across this too recently to help us understand that the Thirty Years' War just did not magically disappear in 1776.

Father Augustus Tolton, Jesuit. "In 1887, Fr. Tolton met the Redemptorist community at St. Alphonsus Church and celebrated Mass for the School Sisters of Notre Dame in the convent chapel."

There is a reason we must fight for Missouri and Louisiana.

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