Thank you to those who read full articles. This is a nuanced conversation imo, and it’s always appreciated when people comment beyond the headline, as Cathy has done. 🤎

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Yes. the mothership needs to drive the burning car carreering out of control now.

Women meh....not all.

womenwho take no shit but do no harm ? Feminists who represent all those disproportionately descriminated against.

yes please. more Jacinda than Truss or thatcher or May.

Conservative women support patriarchal structures very few have self respect.. are no friend of womenkind.

Too many men want to fuck it or kill it. not nurture and protect,multitask, solve problems... sad little boys. cause them.

Shut up & let the women drive.

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We really are in dangerous territory when politicians with a big voice can speak easily of returning the death penalty and casually withdrawing from the ECHR; when despite the deep problems the UK's citizens are experiencing, the Tories are preparing to run a campaign about 'boats' crossing the channel. We're not at the top of the slippery slope. Rather, it feels as if the slide has begun. Sunak, Patel, Javid and Braverman are examples of Tory inclusivity and diverse representation, of which they beam and boast. But we're more in need of values, vision and moral courage. Gender and ethnic balance are ideal but could also amount to window dressing - new faces to carry out the same agenda and prop up the same old structures.

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