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Hardeep’s exploration into the rational of Rishi Sunak’s rise to Prime Minister is an enjoyable Afro-Caribbean-Asian safari, especially including the estimable Alibhai-Brown and MS. Gopal.

It is, however, a journey not worth the taking.

Mr. Sunak’s rise to the vacancy produced by the demise of the risible Truss is encapsulated, probably unwittingly, by Nels Abbey

“The sight of Rishi Sunak lighting a candle outside of Number 11 for Diwali was very good from a very symbolic-representative point of view,” he says. “With that said, Rishi Sunak is worth an unbelievable amount of money – in terms of class solidarity, most black and brown people can’t relate to him in the slightest bit”

Nor can the white apolitical masses but they will all respond to expertly used symbolism!

It’s all about class (a word used only once in a very long and multi-subjected piece) and has absolutely nothing to do with the BAME or gender-orientated sections of humanity, both of which have been subjected to obscene and entirely undeserved levels of discrimination.The current and virtually global economic system is based on a class perspective and will remain so until it is replaced!!

Wishing you success, Fraternally….Keith Bavin

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