There is an interesting thread tying together the parts of this post: how far our democratic rights are being threatened by a lying, corrupt government.

If XR can find a way to get "ordinary people" out in big numbers to protest our government's failures on climate change, and Enough is Enough do the same on economics, and nurses & doctors call out big crowds protesting the problems in the NHS, even daily fail readers are going to realise there really are big problems & the idiots in Downing St are making them worse not better with their attempts to shut down discussion.

We do maybe have time to change direction on climate change, but if we are going to do that, we need to shake off the way the very rich control the government. These overlapping issues might be the way to get a start on that.

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Britain eliminating all carbon emissions tomorrow will not stop global warming, or slow it by as much as a 5% reduction by China which is emitting due to the"West" relying on it for washing machines, solar panels etc. Probably we should stop importing from China which would then require a war to rebalance its economy. Look out Taiwan !!!

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