Hi Mike, on a technical side, how long will it take you to make, how many interviews and so on?

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Dec 5, 2022Liked by Mike Galsworthy, Adam Bienkov

There are so very many layers to this. Q. how deep will you go? It should begin at the beginning to tell the story of how many years of practice, planning, & money went into it by leave mps

This was wargamed.

We were the enemy.

Dave could fit his strategy on the back of a fag packet.

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I find it depressing that Labour have to deny the negative impact of Brexit in order to regain the Red Wall voters. Many of these have shown with their reasons for voting for Brexit that they don't share Labour's core values anyway....such as on human rights, the environment and yes, immigration. Labour should be targeting those centre and centre right people who might have a conscience, have some sense of society and care for our children's futures.

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Hi all -

For anyone wishing to ask me questions, I'm loitering in this comments section. :)

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