Being an Irish citizen I all remember to well the anti Irish sentiment in the 80’s my first experience was when I first visited the UK. Myself and wife and six months old son emigrated to new Zealand we had to catch a connecting flight at Gatwick and we had to catch the bus from Heathrow and we got lost I stopped and asked and old gentleman did he know where the bus stop was? He looked at me and pointed to my case and said wat you got in there then bombs! I just walked on! How any people of colour affiliate themselves with the Tory party is beyond me it’s as far right as you can get but the uncle Toms in there will not defend their own race discrimination is rife in the UK with William Shawcross given a platform!

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It's pretty alarming really.

I do have an appetite for politics, especially the shadowy politically aligned groups, acting as culture war Astroturfing lobbyists, pushing extreme policy, influencers for small boats, death penalty or fossil fuel, "repatriationists" anti eu, anti women & human rights.

The most malign, are the socially conservative "acceptable face" of of Far right extremism that give succour to folks like Govt Ministers as Mogg, EX BF OF Carrie, Alksandr Dugin, Daniel Freiberg,..Imagine a fousty Private Members Club where cigar smoke mingles with repugnant bigoted half sentences of misogynists that hangs in the air like stagnat farts of the devils arse in an old crooked Manor House meets BullerBoy away game for the perverts, for benefit of young golden dolphin chasing lost boys, with social climbing female Oxbridge freshers, if you dont mind Vandals violators, dangerous Orthodoxy of the pathocratic patriarchy of neocolonist affiliated fringe of MAGA/ CNP/White Supremacy & Bottom feeding bastards. Insurgent ERGers.

The Golden Thread





blighted knighted brexit bastards.

"Traditional Conservatives"

engineers of you know what.

Traditional Britain Group

is establishment national front.

cnuts with the power.

THE same Major Bastards

Strongly Connects all 3

Fun fact, Jonathan Portes disagreed with my suggestion once they deserved featuring in the CREST report / far right cheat sheet for counterterrorism far right extremism in uk.


the stink of corruption. lol

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