Jon Bloomfield & David Edgar admirably demonstrate the self contradictory, non-rational basis of this strange and strained emanation of right wing culture wars. I wonder if Azeem Rafiq is within Goodwin's notion of "national identity, culture and symbols, such as cricket, which the majority cherish”.

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If the far-right wants to start using the same techniques as the hard-left, then I say carry on, great, go for it. The hard left has been a miserable group of opinionated failures for many years, and their tactics are clearly unsuccessful. The more the far right copy them, the better.

Of course there are dangers, but it seems to me that the Great British Public (said with considerable mirth) have seen far too much of the consequences of neoliberal nonsense in the last 13 years, and are in no mood for more of it.

Keir Starmer should be really cautious about allowing his approach to go too far in that direction.

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