Dear Byline. Congratulations on the launch of the print edition. It's a great achievement. I know not how newspaper distribution works so this request may not be possible, bur are you able to post a definitive list of outlets where your paper can be bought?

Keep up the good work, I am just one of many who will continue to support you in whatever way I can. Thanks for aiming at the truth.

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Brilliant! Huge congratulations! A fan from the Byline TV presented by Pete J and Hardeep M. Loved the round table discussions too. Social justice, truth and love, the Bywords definitely. However, I was in Stansted Airport yesterday (27/10) but regrettably, was unable to obtain your 1st newspaper from any the 3 WHSmiths there.

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What an extraordinary story and group. Across the pond I look first for your searchlight every day. A wonderful effort, inspirational!

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Bring the bastards down 💩💩

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I've got something in my eye again. (Sniff, blub, nose bubble hot mess)

This will probably sound wierd but not sure how else to put it.

On a personal level life changed dramatically with me in 2015/16 that required self inspection, a path of learning, recovery, and the processing of trauma in order to emerge with my daughter from a very dark place, intact, stronger, wiser, hopeful... ready to rebuild.

Ha! Said the universe.

Not so fast, you haven't finished your shit sandwich


Since 2017 Byline, the team, have been one of the few truly consistent and important part of daily life.

Without this getting too wierd I'm so very proud of what you've achieved. You held a torch, held our hands and stood for something good. Something true. Doing right, because you knew the way, you knew we are better than the people successive Governments have had the audacity to claim to speak for.

The consistency of your voice, the content of the message, the integrity with which you behave,

I dunno, you held an unwavering principled position. Provided a haven of community and belonging.

That consistency really saved my sanity and despair.

I have aspirations to actually write something for you one day that you may find interesting enough to print.

Universe is hilarious sometimes

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