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Thank heavens for Byline !! I was overjoyed to read my first articles a few months ago and couldn’t believe the truths and the ease of your reporting !! I emailed my friends to tell them. It’s been difficult to sift through and to make decisions until now. Thank you to all for edits and articles. I’ve signed on. Bless you all.

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We're here to answer any of your questions for the next week or so. Apologies if any delay in replying, but it's both a busy time and a Holiday break in the UK

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Dear Byline. I love your work. I'll help support you however I can.

Please investigate..

1. Housing.

(a) Poorly built, speedily erected, trashing the countryside, profiteering. I'm from East Devon. Cranbrook, and the impending Farringdon New Town would be a good place to start. The big developers need a smack on the snout too!

(b) Second home ownership. (see part [a])

2. PR.

In my opinion the single biggest achievable change for a corrupted political system. How can we make it THE conversation of the next General election? Can we make it work in the UK??

3. Art.

The stuff of life and dreams and one of the very reasons why we breathe. I know funds are tight, but GUITARS KILL FASCISTS!!! It is what makes us human and shows us why we care. Artists and their work to inspire and lift morale and keep the fighting spirit strong.. Start with Sleaford Mods!


Adam Burgess.

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Thank you Peter. Your courage is admirable

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