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Update from the Front Line in Ukraine and Exclusive Met Stop and Search Footage

Byline TV has previous unseen footage of athlete Ricardo Dos Santos being stopped by nine armed officers, and news of our documentary in Ukraine with John Sweeney, Zarina Zabrisky and Paul Conroy

Tesla Stop and Search: Ricardo Dos Santos Exclusive

This week pro athlete Ricardo Dos Santos shared exclusively with Byline TV a previously unseen recording of a stop he was subjected to in 2022 by nine armed Met Police officers, where he says he was racially profiled. In this interview with Labour MP Dawn Butler, Ricardo walks us through the footage which was recorded between four separate cameras on his Tesla, and describes his fear that had he not told the officers the car was recording, he may have been physically hurt. In one shot, an officer can be seen manhandling him - until he tells him he is being recorded.

"You should feel safe around the police, but I don't," he said of his third traffic stop in three years, making reference to the death of Chris Kaba at the hands of the police only weeks later. 

Ricardo is an international track star in his own right, setting records racing for Portugal and is the long-time partner of British athlete Bianca Williams who he says was watching the stop live via the car's cameras as they recorded.

Dos Santos is currently engaged in legal proceedings against the police over three stops and has already won damages in a previous case over one of the stops. He has decided to use the winnings, and any other money he may receive to set up 4 The Voiceless, a charity organisation to help fund legal action for other ethnic minority people stopped unfairly by the police.

You can watch the full 40-minute interview and breakdown of the footage on Byline TV.

Update from Ukraine

Byline TV in Eastern Ukraine. From left to right: Paul Conroy, John Sweeney, Zarina Zabrisky, Caolan Robertson

Byline TV director and producer Caolan Robertson is in Ukraine with John Sweeney to document the war there and uncover evidence of war crimes, mass graves and the murder and torture of civilians by Russian troops for an upcoming film on Byline TV.

In Ukraine, Caolan & John have teamed up with Byline Times journalist Zarina Zabrisky and veteran war reporter Paul Conroy, a friend of the late Marie Colvin and are currently in Bakhmut, just kilometres from the frontline where they have already captured footage of the devastation the war has wrought, as well as the Ukrainian's effort to resist advancing Russian forces and following civilians as they are evacuated from the city which is expected to fall in the coming weeks. 

Help Fund the Film

The documentary will soon be available on Byline TV, with an early release for members but you can find updates on Twitter as the team follow these important stories to combat the misinformation and propaganda circulating about the war. 

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