Jan 6, 2021 • 43M


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Byline Supplement
As the name might suggest, the Byline Times podcast is the podcast of the Byline Times - telling you what the papers DON'T say.
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Despite the scale of the Coronavirus pandemic, Covid "deniers" and "lockdown sceptics" enjoy significant access to the airwaves in newspapers, on TV and radio, and on social media. Professor David Oliver, a hospital doctor for 30 years argues that these critics are :"gaslighting" members of the medical profession, who witness the terrible impact of the virus on a daily basis. He's no government mouthpiece, and identifies areas where he believes significant errors have been made in official policy - just don't tell him Covid 19 is exaggerated, or that he and his colleagues are not under unprecedented pressure. You might also want to listen to our previous podcast on this subject, "Scamdemics and Academics".

Further reading: Nafeez Ahmed on the Great Barrington Declaration and 55 Tufton Street by Mat Hope.

Plus James Doleman reports on the failed US attempt to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from the UK.

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