Sep 8, 2022 • 25M

Byline Investigates: Rwanda Refugee Scheme

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Adrian Goldberg hears details of a disturbing investigation into the UK’s proposed deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda – a policy heartily endorsed by incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss who has said that she will support and extend the scheme to other countries.


The Byline Intelligence Team (BITE) has unearthed details of a previously unreported second deadly protest in Rwanda involving refugees and local security forces.

Our reporting team has also discovered that a monitoring committee designed to oversee the treatment of deportees hadn’t been established before the first planned flight out in June. You can read all four of their reports at


Adrian hears from one of the BITE reporters, Sian Norris, and Matilda Bryce from Freedom From Torture, which has provided evidence to the High Court for a Judicial Review into the scheme.

Produced in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg.

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